Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Paris je t'aime

On Easter weekend Nicole and I went to Paris. Andrew and Cameron were both on vacation so we couch surfed with two different French people. This was our first day...we just wandered around, and then went to the Louvre.
This was a random cookie store that had the best sweets! Obviously I bought some.
Pretending I'm rich and cool...
A sweet fountain right near the Louvre. The first guy we couch surfed with lived literally one block away from the famous area!!
Nicole and I took many cappuccino breaks, to people watch and pretend we were Parisian.
This is the inside of the Louvre. The modern addition of the pyramid was really cool with the old building in the background.
The Mona Lisa!! The crowd around her was sooo big! And full of rude asian tourists...
I was finally able to get a picture.
Nicole in front of Liberty Leading the People.
Obligatory Louvre picture... The entrance to the museum is through the pyramid!
One of the many Art Nouvea Metro entrances in Paris. We learned about them in Art History!
In front of the Arc du' Triomphe.
There was a line to get IN to the Louis Vuitton store! Who would ever wait for that??
We finally made it ti the Eiffel Tower!! It was beautiful, everything I imagined.
An artsy picture...
We had lunch at a cafe right next to the Eiffel Tower.

Easter Sunday in Paris! Just chillin on the steps of the Montmarte...
We couldn't resist the sparkly nail polish at Sephora!!
Us being ridic in front of the Moulin Rouge.
One of our couch surfers took us to an artsy area to go thrift store shopping on Easter. This store had amazing designer stuff, for more money than if you were buying it new!

At Notre Dame on Easter! It was really crowded, but incredibly beautiful. Plus the weather was nice and sunny!
We got crepes and ate them in the park next to Notre Dame. Such a parisian thing to do...
hahaha this picture should be our Christmas card...we were asked sooo many times if we were sisters!

The last picture of Notre Dame. I loved it so much! But maybe that's just because it was a beautiful day... We had SOOO much fun in Paris, and I can't wait to go back!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Vienna, Austria

We arrived in Vienna and decided to take a chance on the sushi. Somehow it seemed more legit than in Berlin. This entire plate was only 4 euro! And it was delicious!
The first night out we just walked around the main area which has the best shopping ever! The weather was really nice; it was great not to have to wear a heavy coat.
We really wanted to buy these ridiculous heels...
...all the women in Vienna dressed so stylishly and wore heels during the day!
The next morning we had a walking tour of Vienna.
This is a really old church that has hundred of catacombs beneath it. Back in the day prisoners were forced to muck out the catacombs when they started to smell...yuck!
Oh you know, just hanging out in Vienna!
Like I said, the shopping there was unbelievable. Just look at the facade of this H&M! There were 3 H&Ms on one block...
Doing the tourist wave...
This picture of the last supper was created for Napoleon Bonaparte. It is actually a mosaic!
This is the tomb of Maria Christina, a Hapsburg princess who was the sister of Marie Antoinette. She was the only child that was allowed to marry for love, and when she died her husband made this symbolic and artistic tomb.

This pizza was soooo good...you know how much I love corn!
People spend the day in parks like we do the beach. They picnic, lay out, play music, play sports, and have a great time.
Next to the park was this greenhouse butterfly garden. It was so cool!
It was really relaxing to chill out in the park...we did it a few times that trip!

Vienna was SUCH a great place to people-watch. Nicole and I sat here for about 2 hours eating, drinking, and creeping on people haha
This is the museum quarter that kind of reminded me of Balboa Park, SD.
We went to the Natural History Museum, which was a refreshing change from paintings and religious art.

Our second day at the park.
The last day in Vienna we decided to rent bikes. Biking is really popular there, and there are bike paths that go all around the city. It was so much fun!

I ran into PJ and Nick, looking like typical hick Americans...
But they took a photo-shoot of me riding my bike in Vienna looking super cool!